Python program – best features

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Python is the most widely used language on the Web. Here we will list some of the most important of them.

  • It’s Easy to Read & Learn : Python code is defined to be more clear and easy to understand, having a simple structure and clearly defined syntax is easy to understand.
  • It’s Portable : Python has the same interface across all platforms, and can run on many different hardware platforms.
  • Databases : It provides interfaces to all major commercial databases.
  • It’s Extendable : Low level modules can be added to the Python interpreter, and these modules allow programmers to add or customize their devices more efficiently.
  • It’s GUI Support Programming : Python supports GUI applications that can create and port applications to multiple system calls, libraries, and Windows systems, such as the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC).

Code Editor

Code Editor is a tool used to write and edit code. PyCharm IDEs are the best code editor for Python.

Pycharm is the IDE for professional developers. This IDE was created by JetBrains, a company known for creating good software development tools.

There are two versions in PyCharm:

  • Community – This is free, open source and lightweight version, it is good for Python and scientific development.
  • Professional – This is paid version. For both Scientific and Web Python development. With HTML, JS, and SQL support.

Simple Print code with result in PyCharm IDE

Python print program

print(“Hi Python!”)

Result : Hi Python

Python calculation

print( 1.25 + 3 )

Result : 4.25

Python calculation

print( 2 + 2 )

Result : 4

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