Eclipse IDE – Create New Java Project.

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Opening the New Java Project wizard

The New Java Project wizard can be used to create a new java project.

  • By clicking on the File menu and choosing New and select → Java Project.
  • By Right-clicking anywhere in Project Explorer and select New and click Java Project.
  • By clicking the ‘New button’ on the left side of the toolbar and select the Java project.

Using the New Java Project wizard

  • Enter the project name as your wish (Ex : My Project)..
  • Select JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or leave it as default.
  • Select the project layout that determines whether the source code and class files have a separate folder. The recommended option is to create separate folders for sources and class files.

You can click the Finish button to create a project or click the Next button to change the Java Build settings.

Viewing the Newly Created Project

Package Explorer shows the newly created Java project (Ex: My Project). The Folder icon is decorated to show the Java root folder.

Now you can create a new Java class.

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